Monday, April 14, 2014

Pullet Update

At this time, Araucanas (blue/olive green eggs) are the only chicken still available from this spring batch of pullets!  There will probably be a few extra pullets of various breeds once all the current orders are filled, so stay tuned for that.  But if you want pullets from us this spring, this is the time to reserve.

Cheese lovers: looking for something new- great cheeses that you haven't yet seen?  Brie-style cheeses with truly edible, thin rinds and rich mushroomy or citrus overtones, made here in Maine?  How about a rich, earthy Blue with no acrid excess?  In our new (used) glass-door refrigerator, we have a wide range of fine cheeses from Maine and Connecticut.  Come in for a free tasting!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Laying hens (started pullets) are ready!

We have a nice flock of young chickens, just a few weeks old, that will be available for those of you who want chickens for your own backyard flock.  Your own eggs.  Colorful birds to enjoy as they eat ticks in your yard.  Fertilizer for your garden.  Who wouldn't want all this and more?

Our young pullets are available now at about 5 weeks of age, and will continue to be available as they mature.  They will typically start laying when the are about 20 weeks old, around the beginning of August.

Here are the breeds:

Araucanas (also called Ameraucanas/Easter Eggers) -blue/green eggs, variable feather coloration

Delawares (brown eggs)

Rhode Island Reds (brown eggs)

White Rocks (brown eggs)

Buff Orpingtons (brown eggs)

Barred Rocks (brown eggs)

How much do they cost?  We charge based on how old they are.  By mid April they will be so well feathered that they won't need supplemental heat and they will be ready to move to your coop.

Pickup date          
          1 to 5           
           6 to 9             10 +
April 1-12 $12.00 $11.00 $10.00
April 13-30 $14.00 $13.00 $12.00
May 1-17 $16.00 $15.00 $14.00
May 18-31 $17.00 $16.00 $15.00
June 1-14 $18.00 $17.00 $16.00
June 15-30 $19.00 $18.00 $17.00
July $20.00 $19.00 $18.00

We are currently taking reservations, and some breeds (not listed) are already fully reserved for this year!  Please reserve yours soon.

We do take a 50% deposit to hold your order.  Farm members do not need to pay a deposit to reserve, and members may certainly use their farm membership discount card to pay for their chickens!

You can pick up your chickens at the far by appointment.  You should bring a box or a pet carrier for the trip home.  

We guarantee that your chickens are true to sex and are healthy at the point of sale.  Otherwise all sales final!

To reserve, or with questions call 207.239.0442

Peach trees for your backyard

Here at the far we are preparing for the ground to thaw by taking care of farm work that should have been done by now!  This includes finishing the woodwork on the new farm store, organizing the barn, fixing this and that, chipping away at the new high tunnel frame to prepare it for tomatoes and more... you get the picture.

We are offering PEACH TREES for sale this year.  While not considered hardy in Maine, they are inexpensive, they will survive most winters and are worth the risk for their wonderful bloom

and their even more wonderful fruit.  Tree-ripened peaches!  Have you ever had one?

Peach trees will be available around the middle of May, and we are taking reservations for them right now.  You can reserve as few as one!  Then, prepare your soil in well drained ground with full sun, and be ready to dig your planting holes and plant your trees!  

The trees will be bare-root, easy to plant.  No need to stake them, but they will appreciate water.  They will grow vigorously this summer, and you can begin pruning them the following spring.  Easy!

Call us at 207.239.0442, or email us at to reserve.

Friday, March 21, 2014

New stronger cheeses!

Above is a half wheel of our newest cheese. RAW MILK CHEESES from Cato Corner Farm in Colchester CT. Come in for a free tasting! We are open from noon to 7pm Friday and from 10am-6pm Saturday.

Several of you have asked for stronger cheeses and these fit the bill. Several also have fun names so be sure to check them out.

We'll have all our usual products as well - raw milk and goat's milk, along with products made from them, maple, eggs, pork and more!

Hope to see you soon!

PS - please check out the recipe pages we added to this site and let us know what you think of them.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New goat's milk products

We hope those of you who have tried our new goat's milk products from Creeping Thyme Farm in Buxton have been happy with them. We think they are great and are sure they will be popular! Marie from Creeping Thyme came today with more of her delicious creations. Here's a run down:

Pints of yogurt for $4. Here shown with honey and a raspberry.

Quarts of milk for $4

Plain Chevre for $6 and with garlic and herbs for $7
a lovely block covered with pepper jelly. This makes a very pretty presentation for a dinner party or something fun at home.

We still have the fudge and soap and, of course all the other products we have had: maple, pottery, cow's milk products (yogurts, cheeses, raw milk, butter, cultured cream), eggs, pork and dates.

We are open noon-6pm on Wednesday and noon-7pm Thursday and Friday. Hope to see you soon!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Scrumptious new cheeses!

We are delighted to share our newest products with you:

Superlative cheeses from Lakin's Gorges Cheese, Alison Lakin, cheese maker from Rockland Maine.  This week we have lovely, petite wheels of soft ripened cheeses that will make supermarket brie seem bland.  We know- we've tasted them.

Prix de Diane is creamy and buttery, with rich citrus tones that will please the discriminating palette.

Medallion is a smaller wheel of smooth, velvety savor with wonderful overtones of mushrooms.

Both have thin, pleasing rinds that complement and support these artisan-quality delights.

Photo: Introducing new local cheeses - Lakin's Gorges Cheese! Medallion - runny paste with milky aroma, hints of mushrooms, citrus, and straw. Prix de Diane (pictured cut) - aged longer than Medallion, this cheese has a beautiful creamline, cakey center; it is rich, citrusy, and oh-so-creamy. All Allison's cheeses are made with pasteurized organic cow's milk and microbial rennet.

Coming soon: other cheeses from artisan Allison Lakin.  We've tasted them, and they are fabulous.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New products - with goat's milk!

We have wonderful new-to-us products to tell you about: We have goat's milk fudge and goat's milk soap from Creeping Thyme Farm in Buxton!

Here's a picture of some of the fudge:

It comes packaged with 2 pieces in each package for $3.00. There are 4 flavors - peanut butter, butterscotch, chocolate and orange creamsicle. Of course, we don't want to sell you anything that isn't good, so we helpfully sampled it for you and can tell you that it is excellent! Feel free to tip us the next time you're here for this extra tasting service ;-)

The other new item we have is goat's milk soap. It comes in a variety of scents and shapes - leaves, horses (pictured here), a simple bar saying "goat's milk", dinosaurs and others - as well as unscented. These are $3.50 per bag.

As a reminder, we are open Tuesday and Wednesday noon-6pm, Thursday and Friday noon-7pm and Saturday from 10am-6pm.

We have plenty of eggs, pork, date products, raw milk, butter, cheeses, cultured cream, yogurts, maple products and pottery. Hope to see you soon!