Saturday, August 23, 2014

Raspberry update

Raspberries are picked out and we need to let more ripen before having more picking. There are many green berries and we think they will be ready for more picking early next week, but please call or check Facebook before coming to pick.

We are newly stocked with jams, peanut butters, maple products and pies. The jams and peanut butters are from Above the Dam in Dayton. We have a large selection and are now carrying crunchy peanut butter, along with chocolate peanut butter and cinnamon honey peanut butter. All very tasty!

We now have maple syrup in multiple sizes, we are freshly stocked with maple candies and we now also have maple needhams! We haven't tried them yet, but the Merrifields tell us they are very popular.

We have our usual pie selection including raspberry, key lime, raspberry rhubarb, blueberry and more!

Key Lime Pie

Raspberry-Rhubarb Pie

We hope to see you soon! Don't forget to check with us or on Facebook before coming for U-Pick.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

U-Pick and other great stuff!

U-Pick raspberries and apples are now open! We have 2 delicious kinds of raspberries in the field. There will be berries for picking until frost.

Apples are also ready! Currently we have Pristine, a wonderfully juicy, sweet-tart apple that is good for fresh eating or baking.

U-Pick for both fruits is open whenever the store is open, but call first, or check our facebook posts, to check the picking status each day.  Picking can change daily due to ripening conditions.

We also have some apples and raspberries in the store for those who don't want to pick.

Several of you have wanted the smaller jars of Lakonia olives. We are now restocked with them so come and get a jar or 2 or try the larger jars for even more olive-y delights!

In addition to grass fed ground beef, we now have various cuts of pasture raised beef - Porter House, Skirt steaks, Flank steaks, Rib Eye, Tip and Kabob meat, to name a few.

We also now carry completely nitrate free bacon! Our family likes it very much.

Produce is now ready too! We have local corn and green beans and our own cucumbers, pickling cukes, tomatoes and basil.

Finally, honey is here! Both from our farm, like we have had in past years, and honey from another apiary in Gorham. As a new treat, we also have honey comb available from the Plowshares hives. Other new "bee treats" will follow soon!

We look forward to seeing you soon for picking and checking out what's in the store!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New hours and more sausage!!

We have decided to change our store/farm hours for the summer. We will be open noon-6pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; noon-7pm on Thursdays and 9am-8pm on Fridays and Saturdays! We hope this gives you more flexibility, especially as pick-your-own starts soon.

We are looking forward to honey. Garrett is busily packaging what he harvested and we'll let you know as soon as it arrives in the store.

The link sausage has arrived!! It comes in several flavors: garlic, breakfast, maple breakfast, chorizo, and hot and sweet Italian. Reviews have been great so come in and try them soon!

Finally - local, genuine nitrate-free bacon coming Wednesday July 30th. Stay tuned and we'll let you know when it arrives!

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine today and we hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Honey's coming!

Just wanted to let you know that the honey was harvested on Sunday and we will let you know when it is bottled up and in the store. Garrett had a good crop and the bees are now steadily working away at storing up more.

I hope the links I include here work. If you copy the address and paste it into a browser it should work fine. They contain fascinating information about these small creatures that do our world so much good. Enjoy! You can either read or listen once you click on the links.

If you want more bee information, following is a link to a 27 minute video that gives great information. It's by Moody Science and all of their videos are designed to be appealing to both kids and adults. We haven't found a child yet that didn't want to watch Moody Science videos over and over! OK, we confess, we like to watch them over and over too! ;-)

Have a great day and remember - it's never raining in the store!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Lord certainly makes a beautiful summer!!

Hello everyone!

How much we have been enjoying the beautiful weather and seeing the green on the rolling hills here at the farm! Admittedly, we usually just get to appreciate all this as we are running from one task to another, but it's a lovely setting to be in.

The kids found several ripe and many ripening raspberries yesterday and had a tasty treat! We'll let you know when there are enough for pick-your-own. We have a full acre of raspberries for you to enjoy until the frost comes...a loooong ways away!!

We are still waiting for the bees to cap their honey so Garrett can harvest it. We know many of you are anxiously waiting and we'll let you know as soon as it's here.

We have free range pork available again!We have tenderloin, chops, roasts, spare ribs, country style ribs, hot and sweet Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, unseasoned ground pork and organ meats. Next week, the bacon and ham will be ready.

Also next week, we should have sausage links in various flavors - garlic, breakfast, maple breakfast, hot and sweet Italian and chorizo.

Many have been asking about produce and we hope to have some soon. The crops have been behind due to a multitude of factors but they're coming! We will post as soon as the next crop is in.

GRASS FED BEEF!!  We already have ground beef and will be getting cuts of meat soon.

Eggs - we know we haven't had enough to keep up with demand and we are sorry. We have new chickens just starting to lay eggs so in about 3 weeks we will hopefully have enough to keep up with demand. THANK YOU FOR YOU PATIENCE!!

New in the store since my last post:

Bert's Awesome Stuff
  From Auburn, Maine - a line of pickles and pickled products

Four Winds Farm  
From here in Gorham, wool products from their sheep

soaps in their own little washcloths with various uses after the soap is used up.

 Dryer balls to replace dryer sheets and sachets to put wherever you want a more pleasant scent.

 Close up of a sachet.

Linda's Gourmet Needhams
They speak for themselves and are from Norway, Maine. 

Power Naturals
A lovely, all natural face cream with a very slight rose scent.

We look forward to seeing you whenever you make it out to the farm!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another new product and a sale!

Hi everyone!!

What lovely weather we have been having! The Lord has provided us with many days to plant and although there is still a great deal to do, we are getting time to plug away at things - blueberries are getting mulched, tomatoes and cucumbers planted, the high tunnel nearly finished, apple, peach and pear trees planted, apples thinned and much more! It is great to see things growing.

Our next crop will likely be honey and the beekeeper thinks we'll have a good crop this year. Those of you who have had some of the past years' harvests know what a treat it is!

We are having a sale for the rest of the week on all My Three Sister's cookies in the store. Any you buy will be 10% off! They are wonderfully tasty treats and if you haven't tried them, you'll want to come in and pick some up!

We also have a new product in the store - something Steven has been dreaming of for quite some time - olive products from Lakonia! We have Kalamata and cracked green olives, olive oil and salad dressings. We also have a large vat that we will keep stocked with oil and you can bring your jar back for a refill. Come in and try this wonderful Greek food!

We still have lots of other great products - needhams, whoopie pies, cheeses, a wide variety of pies, goat's milk products, BBQ and hot sauces, jams and peanut butters, maple syrups and candies and much more. We are open noon-6pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays, noon-7pm Thursday and Friday and 10am-6pm on Saturdays. Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mushrooms and green beans

Hi everyone!

Sorry it's been a while since I have posted here. We have been very busy planting apple, peach and pear trees and blueberry bushes, setting up irrigation and trying to finish the new high tunnel. This is by no means an exhaustive list, although we are pretty tired ;-)

Another task we have been plugging away at has been inoculating logs with mushroom spawn. For those of you who have been here in past years, you know we have a mushroom laying yard and grow shiitake and oyster mushrooms which are wonderfully tasty. Below are some pictures of the process. I thought you might like to "see" how this works.

Steven built a large "bench" and the logs start at one end and are rolled along to different "stations" (as you will see below) to have holes drilled, spawn put in the holes and then wax applied over the holes with spawn.

The first 2 pictures are of the drill and drilling process. The goal is to make holes that are then filled with the mushroom spawn.

This shows a log with holes drilled into it.

Next, the inoculation tool needs to be filled. The plastic container contains the spawn and you jab the tool into the spawn a few times to shove spawn into it, then...

...hold it in a drilled hole, hit the plunger at the top of the tool and if all goes well, spawn will fill the hole. The drill makes holes the same size as what the inoculation tool holds so there isn't usually overflow.

Finally, the wax. It sits in a heater that we plug in to melt the wax and then unplug when it is hot enough, and then plug in when it starts to cool off, and then... You get the idea.

All the holes in this log have been completely filled with spawn and now wax will be dabbed over the holes so that the spawn doesn't dry out. Mushrooms don't like dry!

This is one of the daubers we use.

Here are logs in various stages - closest to you are filled and the nearest one is in place to be waxed. Paul is filling drilled holes with spawn and the ones behind him are drilled and waiting to be filled.

We hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial. The mushroom bench is under the shelter attached to the greenhouse just to the right of the store. Feel free to take a look the next time you're here. Maybe some day we'll do a live demonstration.

The bean plants have poked themselves through the soil!! We expect to start harvesting at the end of July.

We still have many tasty treats in the store: needhams, whoopie pies, pies (apple, cherry, peach, strawberry rhubarb, blueberry and many more!), kettle korn, cheeses, goat's milk, jams, peanut butters, cold beverages and more. Come in soon to see what we have to offer. We are open 12-6pm Wednesday and 12-7pm Thursday and Friday.

See you soon!