Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall fun

Fall may be chilly but there are so many fun things to do!

APPLES: Apple picking is open!! We have wonderful varieties of apples that are crisp and tart or sweet or a little of both! Our tress on dwarfing root stocks means the picking is easy, even for kids. Here are a couple pictures we took recently and you can see that the trees have lots of fruit:

RASPBERRIES: The raspberry bushes are just loaded with fruit. People come to pick and hardly have to move because there is so much fruit. If you like raspberries, this is prime picking time!

PUMPKINS, SQUASH AND GOURDS: We have them all! Come and pick out your favorites.

IN THE STORE: We are freshly stocked with those luscious Black Dinah chocolates! We have lavender and Ancho Chile bark along with boxed chocolates. If you haven't tried these, you will want to!

We have cider!! In gallon, half gallon and 12oz individual sizes. We also have cranberry-apple cider and carbonated cider in cans.

A new batch of Italian cookies for all you cookie lovers.

We also recently got more maple products in the store so we have a lot of maple syrup! We also have maple needhams and smoked maple cheese.

Come in soon!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Many of you picked raspberries over the last few days. We hope you are enjoying them! They will be open again for picking on Tuesday morning and should be very abundant!

We will open the store only from noon to 7:30pm Monday and the rest of the week will be open our regular hours. We expect raspberry picking to be available Tuesday-Saturday but check in with us or on Facebook before coming if you want to make sure. We will have raspberries picked and in the store for purchase every day this week.

We have plenty of great stuff in the store - tomatoes, cucumbers, pies, whoopie pies (including NEW - pumpkin!!), soaps, cheeses and much more! We are freshly stocked with maple and even have a new maple smoked cheese you might want to try.

See you soon!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Raspberries are back in the groove!  Picking is good, flavor is good, weather is variable, so pick while the pickin's good.  Look at all those berries in various stages of ripening!  Raspberry picking will end with frost, so don't delay.  $5 per pound.  We have containers for a small charge, or bring your own.  Always call or check our facebook page before you come to pick, to make sure that we are open for picking that day!